Nederlandse vinylsingles

Ford's Fuzz Inferno

Project van Hans F. Ford (echte naam Hans von Seydlitz Kurzbach, geb. Leiden 1962, lid van Waste, The Scream Therapy en Betty Ford Clinic) en Patrick De la Bie (geb. Wernhout 1965, ook in Betty Ford Clinic).

- Sunshine / A dream about a girl
(Excalibur XCALMG 0402) [A: Julia P. / B: Ford's Imaginary Inferno]

- EP
Deniers of fuzz will be executed: Neon sky - What do you feel - Leisure class saturday / Deniers of fuzz will be executed - Guidance

(Subunderground Control Authority SUCA 02) 
- EP Flog yourself with fuzz: Maggots & flies - Roomful of doubt / In a void - Throwing stones at drones
(Subunderground Counter Attacks SUCA 03)

- EP Fuzz the universe!: Busy day - No solution / Who is how - Who is how (part 2)
(Subunderground Cosmic Adjustments SUCA 04)