O.K. Wobblers

Orkest o.l.v. dirigent, componist, klarinettist en trombonist Pi Scheffer (Amsterdam 1909, overleden 1988). Ook lid van The Skymasters.


- EP Anno 1925... charleston time!: Charleston - Margie - Yes sir, that's my baby / If you knew Susie - Yes, we have no bananas - The black bottom
(Artone EPDR 6706) [The Okay Wobblers o.l.v. Pi Scheffer]


- EP It's charleston time again: Has anybody seen my girl - Ain't she sweet - Baby face / You're driving me crazy - I miss my Swiss - Toot-toot-Tootsy goodbye
(Artone EPDR 6715) [Pi Scheffer's O.K. Wobblers]


- EP More charleston!: Nobody's sweetheart - Sweet Jennie Lee - Ma, he's making eyes at me / Don't bring Lulu - That's my weakness now - Miss Annabelle Lee
(Artone EPDR 6737) [Pi Scheffer's O.K. Wobblers]