The Firebirds

Band uit Groningen met Arnold Veenkamp (ook in The Hot Pockets), Hans Dallinga, Albert-Jan Scheper, André Dodde (ook in The Beavers) en Titus Smid (ook in The Dactaris en The Beavers).

> Naar The Firebirds (Alkmaar).
> Naar The Fire Birds (later The Fire Devils, Den Haag).

- Margaya / It's the same all over the world - Stampede
(Kogar 001)

- EP Go hooter surfin'!: Movin' out - Glendora / The cossack - Riptide
(Oetsra Rekkers OET-F-2312-94-HR)

- EP On special request: Claudette Jones - Goin' away baby / Come on, little sweetheart - Mashed potatoes
(Teen Scream TSR 150 695)

- EP Get fucked up with: No reasons to complain - Movin' out - Why? / Gotta give sometimes - Once longed for love - I will exactly do what you told me
(Fucked Up FUR 001) [A: The Firebirds / B: Jabberwocky]

- Play 2 hits for the kids: Hidi hidi hidi / Big chief
(Hidden Charms 001)