The Millers

Orkest uit Amsterdam o.l.v. Ab de Molenaar (Leiden 1921, overleden 1985). Ook bekend als het Miller Sextet. Voor studio-opnamen als o.a. The Hitparaders, The Rainbows, The Hawaiian Minstrels en The Dixieland All Stars of New Orleans. Lid waren o.a. Eddy Doorenbos, Herman Schoonderwalt, Roelof Stalknecht, Sanny Day en Pia Beck. Ook Yoka Berretty zong met het orkest.

- Make mine Millers / Melbourne boogie
(Telefunken UH 9181) [Miller Sextet]
- Love for sale / My baby just cares for me
(Telefunken UH 9182) [Miller Sextet]
- EP Frenesi - T and S / Red top - A ghost of a chance
(Telefunken UX 4651)
- EP Make mine Millers - Don't take your love from me / My baby just cares for me - Love for sale
(Telefunken HX 1018) [Miller Sextet]

- EP More Millers: Walking with my honey - Give me a little kiss / Jane Street - If I were you (Telefunken HX 1030) [Miller Sextet]

- EP Millers mixture: Medley I / Medley II
(Columbia SEGH 33) 

- EP In The Millers mood: The lonesome road - The blue room / If you were the only girl in the world - I let a song go out of my heart
(Columbia SEGH 50)
- EP Millers at home: On moonlight bay - Varsity drag / Swingin' down the lane - Yes sir that's my baby
(Columbia SEGH 54)

- Reveille rock / Johnny on his strings
(Sonopresse SHOL 2) [The Hitparaders]
- Muss i denn / Ferdinand het kneusje
(Sonopresse SHOL 3) [The Rainbows]
- Rosalee / Hawayen war chant
(Sonopresse SHOL 4) [A: The Rainbows / B: The Hawaiian Minstrels]
- Barbara / Gerry
(Sonopresse SHOL 5) [A: The Rainbows / B: Miller Sextet]
- Nooit krijg ik spijt / A thousand stars
(Sonopresse SHOL 6) [Miller Sextet]
- Hou je echt nog van mij, rocking Billy? / Black eyes rock
(Sonopresse SHOL 7) [A: The Hitparaders / B: The Dixieland All Stars of New Orleans]
- EP Blue moon - Wheels - Green fields - Little Spanish town / Irena - Corinna Corinna - Exodus - Hello, Mary Lou 
(Populaire Platen Kring HPK 700) [A: Miller Sextet / B1, B2, B4: Het Grote Barberina Dansorkest - B3: Ensemble Hubert Rostaing] 
- EP Sweet Georgia Brown - Ramona-charleston - Are you lonesome / You go to my head - Singing in the rain - Whatever Lola wants
(Populaire Platen Kring HPK 702) [Miller Sextet]

- EP
Shine - The touch of your lips / Stardust - Deed I do

(Columbia SEGH 59)