Nederlandse vinylsingles

The Sharons

Groep uit Maastricht met o.a. Jef Ubachs (ook in East Avenue), Harry Heltzel, Pierre Beckers en Jo Robeers (de laatste twee ook in Opus). Voortgezet als Aros

- All I've got to do / All of the time
(Telstar 1225)
- I can't leave / Handle with care
(Decca AT 10 230)

- It's a wonder (you don't turn to sugar) / Weekend in the wood
(Decca AT 10 278)

- Turn on the coloured light / That's my world
(Decca AT 10 331)
- I can't believe (you've been my little girl) / Mother, buy me a gun
(Decca AT 10 347)