Nederlandse vinylsingles

Continental Uptight Band

Groep uit Utrecht met o.a. Bud Bergsma, Onno Stoopendaal (beiden ook in Tenderfoot), Maarten Stoopendaal (ook in Lotus, Time en FM) en Ritty van Straalen.

- Please sing a song for us / She's just a friend
(Imperial 5C 006-24212)
- Beautiful friendship / Refugee
(Imperial 5C 006-24242)

- Window seat / The day is near
(Imperial 5C 006-24297)
- Changin' rearrangin' / She is on my mind all the time
(Imperial 5C 006-24422)

- On the ride (you do it once, you do it twice) / Northern islands
(Imperial 5C 006-24486)
- I'm going home / You have come my way
(Imperial 5C 006-24624)

- Watcha gonna do / You and me
(Imperial 5C 006-24687) [C.U.B.]